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“I had to reflect on my failure in order to excel in my success”- Rock LP
Rock Lp was born on February 20th, 1991 in Salt Lake City, UT. Rock (his middle name) was adopted at birth and raised with 3 other siblings. Rock started playing the piano at 7 and started producing and songwriting at age 12. Rock learned how to play the piano, guitar, and DAW’s like FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools, and other instruments at a young age developing his craft in music early on. Started off as a producer and slowly turned more into a full-time artist.
Music was a way of self-expression, just like a tattoo, it sticks with you. It can be used to overcome a mass amount of struggles in your personal life.
Growing up, Rock made decisions that lead to criminal issues and drug addiction in his early life. Using music as a way to escape, music became a bigger outlet he used that eventually would guide him out of that lifestyle. Slowly regaining confidence and developing a new approach on life, Rock got into the sales industry at the age of 19 and progressed in his music as much as his confidence. Inspired by the ones closest to him, his mentor (in 2018) eventually became his business partner starting an independent label, Prolyfix Entertainment. “I create music to connect with people, and hopefully share apart of me that i have learned from that they can relate to and feel inspired by” - Rock Lp
Produced, recorded, and mastered more than 5 of his own albums (unreleased). Winning a (10 show) tour with a local artist in Phoenix, AZ and breaking over 250K streams across all platforms (youtube, Spotify, etc) from 2019 - 2020, in under a year independently, Rock Lp is far from reaching his prime in music and has a lot in his vision to accomplish.
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Release Date: November 16th, 2020
Label: Prolyfix Entertainment LLC
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